Agency: LOVE.

The story goes that after getting a tip from a pal in a Beverly Hills hair salon, LA socialite, Peri Arenas, picked up her phone and dialled across the pond. She needed a branding job for her upcoming fashion business. And boy, did she mean business. 

Peri wanted to front it all. Ultimately, she wanted a brand identity and tone of voice to match her personality. Basically, she wanted someone who’d brand the shit out of her. So we did.

Taking cues directly from the playful labels she loved, and throwing her straight-talking style into the mix, the PERI A brand was born. The result – a ballsy identity, dripping with attitude, and a tone of voice that cuts through the bull. 


Design: Tess Sweeney
Copywriter: Ellen Ling
Account Manager: Ines Rollason, Alice Holland
Production: Michaela De Rossi