Agency: LOVE.

Simply Be wanted to go in hard on their customers’ two toughest categories – lingerie and denim. They wanted to prove, once and for all, that curves shouldn’t mean compromise. It’s all very well and good ripping up the rule book (again), but in the world of body confidence, it’s more powerful to rewrite it. 

‘Rules? Rewritten’ is supercharged with bold, statements – inspired by the rules women live by, and our models’ mantras.

This is the first copy-led campaign we’ve worked on for Simply Be, and the first time they’ve gone with a VO approach. As lead copywriter I pushed the project to have as much attitude as possible, whilst keeping it empowering and genuine. As a ‘plus-size’ gal myself, this campaign was a pretty personal one to work on.


Design/Art Direction: Tess Sweeney, Helen Lazzari
Copywriter: Ellen Ling
Animation: Andy Lafferty
Account Manager: Charlotte Owen
Head of Culture: Kat Towers