Ellen trained in performance art at drama school in Scotland, which, contrary to popular belief, wasn’t a complete waste of time. After taking to the stage as one half of a comedy duo, a couple of years as a shop girl, and a stint in Damien Hirst’s studio, Ellen took her eclectic talents to D&AD. It was here, whilst working on the content and social team, she got her crash course in design and advertising. But it wasn’t long before Ellen wanted to stop writing about it, and do it instead.

Then, as fate would have it, a snog in the ladies bogs at the Christmas party (classy) found Ellen moving to Manchester for love. She also found LOVE, a pretty neat agency there too. After a whirlwind romance, on both counts, Ellen is now a fully-functioning freelance copywriter.

Ellen also appears to be talking about herself in the third person. Again. 

My pooch, Aggie is everyone’s favourite thing about me. It only felt right to give her some airtime. #Aggieaggieaggieoioioi